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2015 Heart To Serve Challenge is LIVE!

November 26, 2015 - Joey DiFranco

Mike Staff Productions has just launched the 2015 “Heart To Serve” Challenge and will be giving five people, $500 each (total of $2500 ) by asking the simple question, “If we gave you $500 to help someone else in need, how would you use the money? “

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Pros and Cons of Winter Weddings

November 23, 2015 - Mike Staff

Thinking of having a winter wedding in Michigan or Chicago? Great idea! Just know that a winter wedding is not for everyone. But, when they are done right and planned well, winter weddings can be beautiful Here are a few pros and cons (with possible solutions) to consider:

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2015 Covenant House Sleep Out: My Story

November 21, 2015 - Mike Staff

Thursday Night, for the second year in a row, I slept outside on the streets of Detroit to raise money and awareness for Covenant House, Michigan, an organization dedicated to helping homeless youth in the Detroit area (read more about Covenant House below).  For some reason I thought that it would be easier the second time around.   It wasn’t.  There’s no way around it … sleeping in a box on the streets of Detroit sucks.  Yet, thousands of people do it every night.

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Mike Staff Productions Supports Homeless Youth

November 18, 2015 - Mike Staff

Mike Staff Productions is proud to support for the second year in a row the Covenant House 2015 Executive Sleep Out this Thursday November 19th. Last year Mike Staff joined Detroit executives in raising money and sleeping out for youth homeless awareness. We also produced the following mini-documentary that helped to capture the spirit of the event:

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Put it on Paper: Invitations, Programs, Place Cards & More!

November 12, 2015 - Mike Staff

Invitations, programs and thank you cards- oh my! At any wedding, there are a few pieces of information that need to be communicated to your guests.

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