6 Important Things Your Wedding DJ Does (Besides Play Music)

Posted by Lauren Wallis

A professional DJ gets ready for your wedding by understanding exactly what it is you want and need to make your reception remarkable. He taps into your dream by asking specific questions about the many details of your wedding reception because your DJ is responsible for more than just playing music! 

That’s why hiring a well-reviewed, professional is totally worth it (meaning, creating a Spotify playlist, plugging your iPhone into some speakers, and calling it a day really won’t cut it).

Professional DJ vs. Budget DJ

Wedding DJ

1. Make Formal Announcements

Professional DJs take the responsibility of your formal announcements seriously; taking great care in pronouncing the names of your bridal party and family members correctly. There’s nothing worse than being at a great party with your intimate friends and closest relatives and hearing your DJ, who is supposed to be part of your inner circle, mispronounce their names. It immediately brands him as a stranger and an amateur. A great DJ will practice his announcements and his pronunciation several times a day, everyday leading up to your wedding day, until any names sound just as natural to guests’ ears as when their best friends say them. As your emcee for the evening, good DJ will make any other announcements necessary, too; dinner time, photo booth reminder, late nigh snack announcement, last song of night! It's easy for you and your guests to lose track of the evening, but your DJ will always be one step ahead. 

2. Helps create your musical vision

One benefit to hiring a professional wedding DJ is that they are a professional! You can trust that they know what they are doing.  An experienced DJ has seen first-hand which songs work and which don’t, and is up-to-date on the newest tunes. Of course, if you're looking for specifics and want to make sure your DJs play songs that are particularly meaningful to you - your DJ will help you with song selections and help create a do-not-play list. Of course, your DJ will have an extensive library of songs you (or your guests!) can request, but the key is knowing if they’re appropriate and when to play ‘em. Plus, this is a wedding. You don't want to play hip-hop tracks all night. Keep in mind, your DJ will make sure EVERYONE is on the dance floor


3. Keeps the night on schedule 

It's always safe to prepare for something to wrong then be surprised by it, but fortunately, wedding DJs are pros at getting things back on track. Let’s say dinner is running slightly behind schedule. Your DJ can play an extra few songs so that guests are too busy dancing to care that the food’s not ready. Or maybe your dad is in the restroom when he’s supposed to be giving his toast. Your DJ can cover until he’s available. Your guests won’t notice any potentially-awkward mishaps when you’ve got a pro wedding DJ on board.

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4. Provides Professional Gear (and backup gear!)

Professional DJs arrive at least 1 ½ hours before the event begins to unload equipment and set-up the sound system, which has been thoroughly tested prior to arrival. An awesome DJ takes their time adjusting sound levels, checking microphones, and positioning speakers to take advantage of the room’s acoustics. When you're dealing with professionals, (*clears throat* like Mike Staff Productions)  you can pretty much guarantee they will have estate-of-the-art equipment. For outdoor events, the sound is adjusted to the size of the tent and the changing conditions of the weather. Should any component of his sound system fail, that awesome DJ always has a back-up system set-up ready to play. All DJs neatly secure their power cords to the floor or ground in consideration of others. There are few things more annoying during a wedding reception than music that’s too loud, too soft, or muffled, or worst-case scenario, dead air due to malfunctioning equipment. 
5. Serves as your master of ceremonies 

A well-trained Master of Ceremonies means being confident on the microphone and able to make important announcements and introductions in a classy, charismatic manner. Professionals will spend time preparing their announcements and have pride in their ability to pronounce everyone’s name correctly. Nothing makes a crowd more uncomfortable than to sit in front of someone who is nervous and stuttering on the microphone. 

DJ as Master of Ceremony

 WATCH an example of how the pro DJs do it: 

DJ Master Of Ceremonies from Happy on Vimeo.

6. Works with All Other Vendors 

One essential duty often overlooked by amateur DJs is coordinating their efforts with those of the hall staff, wedding photographers and videographers. An experienced DJ knows that straying from the evening’s agenda will directly impact the bride & grooms wishes. Logistics and timing are just as important to photographers and food service staff as they are to DJs. By forming a team with these vendors, the DJ leaves less to chance and brings much more to your table than his ability to spin a good. 
That's why Mike Staff Productions offers the 'Team Approach' where we allow you to bundle your Wedding DJ, Photographer and Videographer with one company so you can feel confident your wedding team is working together to provide the best day possible. 

Our team of DJs, Photographers and Videographers work seamlessly together to take pressure off of you and deliver remarkable service on your wedding day.  Expect professionalism, communication and perfectly coordinated execution.

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One phone call, one (pressure free) meeting, three services checked off the listLearn how our team approach can take the stress out of your wedding day and save you money.

Wedding DJ Summary:

  • Coordinates with venue staff / wedding planner before & during the wedding
  • Communicates with other vendors; Photographer, Videography, Photo Booth
  • Responsible for Lost & Found
  • Keeps evening; dances, speeches, toasts on track
  • Will teach guests how to use microphone for speeches, toasts which saves time and avoids embarrassment

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding DJ – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the process. We hope to see you soon!

Love your wedding DJ 

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