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Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Estate by Gene and Georgetti

Posted by Lauren Wallis

Mike Staff Productions is lucky enough to work in the The Windy City (x 2)! So, for all of our beautiful Chicago brides, this blog’s for you!

We’re going to be putting the spotlight on a variety of Chicagoland venues that are guaranteed to set your wedding apart from the rest. (What bride doesn’t want that?)  These features will not only provide information about particular venues but they'll show you what these venues look like in full wedding action through our professional videography and photography! Something you won't see during a venue tour.  

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What Do Brides Tell Couples That Aren't Sure About Getting a Wedding Video?

Posted by Lauren Wallis

We get it.  You’re spending a lot of money on your wedding and you need to cut costs somewhere. But is it worth it to cut out wedding videography? Check out how these new brides answered that question...

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Real Chicago Wedding of Stephanie & Jacob

Posted by Lauren Wallis

Our Real Chicago Wedding: April 21, 2018

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The Real Chicago Wedding of Lauren & Jacob

Posted by Mike Staff

 Our Real Chicago Wedding: October 21, 2017

"Mike Staff Productions was AMAZING! I was having a hard time finding a DJ that worked with our style as a couple. We did not want someone over the top but we wanted to someone who could read the crowd and work with our families on music that everyone wanted to dance to. After meeting with people at Mike Staff, I was immediately sold. The company was great to work with and I loved being able to watch video clips and pick the DJ that worked best. Once we picked the DJ, having the bundled video service was a no brainer. We would highly recommend Mike Staff Productions for both of the services provided. The DJ made our reception memorable because everyone had a blast and our videographer provided us with the ability to relive our priceless memories over and over again." - Happy Bride, Lauren Baleski

Lauren & Jacob kiss photo

Our Love Story 

"My husband and I met my senior year in high school and dated for eight years before getting married. After we started dating, I went to school at Illinois State University to become a special education teacher and he joined the Marines where he served for a little over four years. We dated throughout his enlistment including one deployment. He moved back home after his enlistment and we got engaged :) We had a two year long engagement so that I could finish grad school before getting married. We are now living our happily ever after together. "

Our Wedding Video

"I love everything about our video! The videographer was great to work with on the day of! Like really great - he was not in the way at all and captured all the beautiful moments that we had. Our highlight video is better than I could have ever imagined! It complimented our full video beautifully and was exactly the clips I would have wanted to be in my highlight video. It was important to have parts of just Jake and I as well as moments with my family members. It was really a great combination of everything that I wanted!"

The Wedding of Lauren and Jacob from Mike Staff Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

Our Favorite Favorite Moments

"My favorite memory was seeing my husband for the first time during first looks. All of my stress and anxiety disappeared. We shared a short moment together alone in the green house at the garden and everything just fell into place after that.

First Look

"My second favorite moment was saying “I do”. It was such a perfect and happy moment. We are beyond blessed that our videographer captured it perfectly and we can live it over and over again whenever we want."

First Look

Our Mike Staff Productions DJ

"We played “I get to love you” by Ruelle for our first dance. We were having the hardest time picking out a song that we both loved and decided to stop thinking about and come back to it later. Then one day during a yoga class, “I get to love you” was playing in the background and it was perfect. I went home and played it for (my now) husband and we decided that was it.

Our families are full of dancers and they were so impressed with everything that our wedding DJ played. It was really great to see both of our families on the dance floor together having a great time.

It was beyond helpful when our wedding DJ called the week before to make sure that we were all set and walked us through the process. He asked questions about how we wanted the night to go and gave suggestions when we couldn’t decide on something. He really was the expert and we were so grateful for all of the help. One of my favorite suggestions was the anniversary dance. All of the married couples came out on the dance floor and when he called out a year, anyone married longer than that stayed on the floor and everyone else left until the longest married couple was left on the floor. They then gave us advice that helped them to have a long and happy marriage."

 Cutting the Cake

Thank you Lauren & Jacob! We loved working with you!

Ready to bring your wedding to life? Mike Staff Productions is here to help with any of your wedding planning questions! Feel free to give us a call (773-570-7707) or email us at

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The Real Chicago Wedding of Brittany & Kolby

Posted by Mike Staff

Our Real Chicago Wedding: September 09, 2017

"10/10 :) I'm all about convenience and the bundle was a great deal and worked out perfectly. I loved that we were able to have one point of contact for all three of our services and everyone was super attentive and responsive throughout the entire process. Highly recommend Mike Staff Productions!" - Happy Bride, Brittany Botts 

Our Love Story 

"Kolby and I met our senior year of college. We both worked at the University Daily Kansan for the student newspaper, on the advertising side. One night we went out with a few coworkers and ended up all coming back to my apartment to hang out. My dog Niko is really hesitant when it comes to guys, and when Kolby tried to pet him Niko almost bit him in the nose! The next morning I texted him to apologize, and the rest is history.  (Side note: It only took about three months for Niko to warm up to him LOL!)" 

"We had a day trip planned to go to the Shedd Aquarium where Kolby got tickets to do the penguin encounter. We took the day off of work and had the whole day planned out. I should have known something was up, because Kolby was acting strange all morning. He wasn't that talkative, seemed a little out of it and at one point I even asked him if he was okay! When we were in the penguin encounter, the instructor was talking about how when penguins find their mate, they mate for life. All of a sudden he took out this plastic egg and handed it to Kolby. Kolby began talking and I can still remember it taking me a few seconds to realize what was happening. I was in complete shock and all of a sudden everything made sense. Kolby had orchestrated the whole day for weeks with the Shedd Aquarium and I had no idea! It was beautiful and unique and perfect."

Our Wedding Vision

"All we wanted was to have fun. Kolby and I took the planning process seriously, but didn't stress out about the small things. This was [going to be] the happiest day of our lives and we didn't want to get overworked on the little details. I knew I wanted to have a loft-style wedding, and when we walked into City View Loft (which was only the second venue we looked at - we went to six total) it just felt right. We both loved it, the planner was amazing to work with and right after we left we both knew that was going to be it. From there it was easy, we focused on what was going to make the day fun and enjoyable for everyone.

As for the day itself, can I say everything was my favorite part? Everything went so well it's hard to say! Trying to get 24 people to shuffle down Milton Lee Park was pretty great, extremely unsuccessful but definitely a memory haha. And doing the photo sessions with just me and Kolby was so fun! We were laughing the whole time and just taking it all in. We selected "Who You Love" by John Mayer for our first dance because it's perfect! Our Mike Staff Productions DJ had everyone on the dance floor all night but especially when 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus came on and anything Bon Jovi!"

Our Wedding Video

"It captures so many elements of the day that goes beyond the pictures. The day goes by so quickly, you are on the go from the minute you wake up that at the end of it all, it's sort of a blur. Having the video we were able to relive the day over and over again. It was a beautiful representation of our day and it couldn't have been done any better."

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