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Fall Wedding Inspiration

Posted by Lauren Wallis

Spring and Summer used  to be the top seasons to get married, for obvious reasons. But then Autumn showed up one day and stole the show! September & October are two of the busiest months for the Mike Staff Productions DJs, photographers & videographers and we don't hate it! Vibrant colors, cool temperatures - what's not to love? Let's tap into those fall vibes!

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Wedding Bouquet Trends 2018

Posted by Mike Staff

Just as wedding dress trends change with time, wedding flower trends are also constantly evolving and you could call 2018 the year of vibrancy! Color is not to feared when picking out floral arrangements for your bouquets or centerpieces, while adding dashes of greenery is still hot, hot, hot!

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Top 5 Trends for Bridal Bouquets 2017

Posted by Mike Staff

Unconstructed and eye catching...

Whimsical & oversized...

Flowy and natural looking.... 

All ways to describe bridal bouquets in 2017! The times of the very round bouquets are long gone and florists loving this current trend!

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Topics: wedding ideas, wedding flowers, wedding style