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Halloween Wedding Treats, No Tricks!

Posted by Mike Staff

Anyone else obsessed with Halloween or Fall festivities - including weddings, of course - as much as us? We're celebrating the spookiest day of the year by sharing some of our favorite seasonal wedding inspirations. From cakes, to table settings, to a full on ZOMBIE reception, grab some candy and enjoy these wedding treats... not tricks!

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The Only Wedding Timeline You'll Need

Posted by Lauren Wallis

Is this you? You're deep in the throws of wedding planning.... and so many questions are racing through your mind as the day gets closer.

  • Maybe you're trying to nail down just how many hours you need the photographer for. (Do you need pictures at salon? Maybe!)
  • What time is the limo picking you up again? What if there's traffic - that one freeway is closed! 
  • What if dinner runs long? I want the dance floor open ASAP!
The good news you're carefully looking at every minute of how your wedding day will unfold -- which means you're on top of things BUT that's super stressful! So our team is here with some helpful tips to help you make the most of your day! One of the biggest mistakes.... well, we'll let you read on. 
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Fall Wedding Inspiration

Posted by Lauren Wallis

Spring and Summer used  to be the top seasons to get married, for obvious reasons. But then Autumn showed up one day and stole the show! September & October are two of the busiest months for the Mike Staff Productions DJs, photographers & videographers and we don't hate it! Vibrant colors, cool temperatures - what's not to love? Let's tap into those fall vibes!

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Want to Save $600 On Your Wedding? Here's How!

Posted by Lauren Wallis

$600 OFF? Yes, you read that right and we’re serious when we say ‘this never happens’ because this (awesome) deal is a one day thing. Check your calendar, what are you doing Sunday September 16th? Saving money with Mike Staff Productions team at the Brides Day Bridal Show, duh!

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5 Questions Couples Should Ask Wedding Professionals (But Don't)

Posted by Lauren Wallis

The time has come, you're planning your wedding! Congratulations! Let me guess, you're likely experiencing exhilaration, romance and chaos all at once? Yep, that means you're on the right path!  Chances are, you've never planned a wedding before but rest assured - after being a part of over 25,000 weddings - the folks at Mike Staff Productions know the ins and outs of some of the most important details of your day.

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