When You’ll Get Your Wedding Photos & Video Back

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We had so much positive feed back from our blog last week about wedding photo and video turnaround time, that we want to keep the conversation going and dive deeper into our Mike Staff Productions guarantee and how it's possible to offer this to our couples.

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When you're in the depths of wedding planning, what happens after you officially tie the knot, is not really the first thing on your mind. But we like to lay out all of our cards on the table so you know what to expect from the beginning. To follow up on the turnaround time topic, we're taking you behind the scenes and giving you a first hand look at HOW we make our efficient turnaround process happen and answering all of your questions. 

You will never find yourself wondering when you’ll be able to look at, feel and relive those memories you paid good money to have documented.


Turnaround Guarantee:

12 weeks from your wedding date

What You Receive:

  • One copy of edited video delivered on flash drive
  • Internet upload of highlight video
  • Copyrights to make additional copies

Our Process

It’s worth mentioning again that we have a fully staffed post production team in place that gets this editing done in a timely fashion and gets it done right. Our editors sit down with hours and hours worth of footage to work with to create the documentary of your love story. While each editor and videographer has their own individual style, they are in the business of making your personality and wedding style shine.

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B-Roll. You can’t be everywhere, yet you don’t want to miss a thing on your wedding day. Our videographers will not only capture the big moments of your wedding day:

  • Getting ready
  • Ceremony
  • Romantics session
  • Reception events
    • Cake cutting
    • Speeches
    • Formal dances
    • Bouquet Toss
    • Dancing (ETC.)

But most importantly the little ones you won’t see or experience and the moments you might not even realize you want! One way they set the tone is through b-roll, in other words, additional video that helps fill in the blanks to create a fluid film. For example,when you see the home where you grew up and got ready in on your wedding day, you’ll experience ‘all the feels!’

Do we get the raw footage? from Happy on Vimeo.

We want to introduce you to Rocky. Noooo, not THAT Rocky. But when it comes to wedding videography, Rocky crushes it. He has veteran status at Mike Staff Productions, creating living memories for hundreds of happy couples. One thing is for sure Rocky has an eye for detail.

Question: How do you start to create a couples ‘story’?

Rocky: It’s all about capturing the details of their day and elements of their surroundings. If a couple is getting married in the fall, I am going to make sure I get a sequence of shots of the different colored leaves. If there’s an outdoor ceremony, I am going to capture the light breeze blowing through their flowers. When the bride’s dress is hanging in the window, I am going to film the sun shining through it. It’s all about setting the mood.

When you get a wedding video, you’re immersing yourself back into the day with every touch feel and movement. It’s beyond special.

editing highlight reel
Music. A key element to videography, music. You’re a part of that process. We allow you to choose the songs that narrate your wedding video -- it’s your love story after all. You’ll get a worksheet to fill out (it’s easy!) and if you get that worksheet back to us prior to your weddings, the countdown to 12 weeks is on! Getting that worksheet back to us after your wedding means there could be a slight set back in that 12 week guarantee -- but remember -- we like a challenge.

Rocky says, “I love when couples select their music for the video, it’s everything. You learn so much about them and that is the cherry on top of bringing their story to life.”

How long is my final edited video? from Happy on Vimeo.

The Final Product. You want to make your wedding day to last forever, right? That’s your goal and our teams goal and now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of how our videography team works behind the scene,  let’s check out the fruit of their labor shall we?

The Wedding of Kelsey and Nathan from Mike Staff Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

Highlight Video: The Wedding of Kelsey and Nathan. They were married August 19, 2017 at a private residence on the water followed by their reception at the Port Huron Golf Club.

Can I make changes to my edited video? from Happy on Vimeo.

Photography Turnaround Guarantee:

Two Fridays After Wedding

One Month Anniversary

  • Link to Full Online Gallery
  • Link to First Album Draft (if purchased)

Our Process

We are so honored and grateful to be able to capture so many weddings through photography each and every weekend but that does not mean we can’t keep up with our work! It fact, it’s the opposite. Our team of editors have a specific system in place to make sure they can focus on each and every wedding day with the attention they deserve.

wedding image gallery

Here’s an example: You will NEVER find one of our editors juggling multiple weddings at one time just to get the job done quick. The size of our team allows each person to concentrate on one wedding at a time before moving on to another. Think of your wedding photos as hundreds of fragile packages, every photo will be handled with love and care.

Efficiency + Quality = Mike Staff Productions.

Do you need a second photographer?

When do I get my image files on flash drive? from Happy on Vimeo.

Retouching. We want your wedding images to be as real and authentic as possible. When it comes to retouching during post production, the images will receive color correction and exposure balancing so that they are print ready.

In reality, how the images turn out in the editing room is thought about while the photographer is taking the pictures; proper lighting, surroundings, the angle. So, think of the post production process as an enhancement of your photos.

If you purchase a wedding album, metal or canvas print or photo prints through Mike Staff Productions, the editing game changes slightly. Watch for more details.

Contact. Now that you know you’ll be able to celebrate your one month anniversary by looking at your gorgeous wedding photos, keep in mind, we won’t ignore you until then!

You will work with a dedicated member of our full time in-house design staff after your wedding.  When your wedding images are ready for viewing, a member from that graphic design team will notify you and to walk you through the next steps in the design process (if need be) and answer all of your questions.

One of the most valuable items you get back (for free), a personal copyright release. This allows you to display and re-print your wedding images from the printer of your choice.  At Mike Staff Productions, we believe that when you pay for wedding photography, you should get your personal copyrights without additional fees.

When do I get my image files on flash drive? from Happy on Vimeo.

Wedding Album. There’s just something special about turning each page of your wedding album. Your eyes are able to soak up every detail you worked endlessly to plan, while your heart re-lives every powerful emotion — all through imagery.

READ MORE: Wedding Album Design

wedding album layout

One the same day you’re able to view your full photo gallery, our graphic design team will also present you with a link to the first draft of your album! (How exciting!)

From that point, in collaboration with our graphic design team, you’ll be allowed to revise your wedding album layout up to three times before it goes to print.

When will I get my completed album? from Happy on Vimeo.

Mike Staff Productions is here to help with any of your wedding planning questions! Feel free to give us a call (877.689.0777) or drop us a line at

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